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    1. Jorge Villalonga: Therapeutic Theatre

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Jorge talks about therapeutic theatre, its links to Gestalt practice, and the exploration of personal growth.

About Jorge

Jorge Villalonga is an experienced social psychologist, consultant, teacher, coach, and international trainer, specialized in team building and leadership through Gestalt, Enneagram, NLP and the dramatic arts. He is director of the Center of Therapeutic Theater, and also founder and director of the Gestalt Institute of Bogata, where he now lives.

He studied acting at the prestigious drama school “Escuela Internacional del actor Juan Carlos Corazza” (Madrid), and Gestalt with the E.M.T.G (Paco Peñarrubia). His mother tongue is Spanish and he is also fluent in English, Portuguese and Catalan.

Jorge has been teaching since 1996 across Latin America, Central America, North America, Europe, and Africa. He was apprenticed to Claudio Naranjo for 10 years, and also teaches in the SAT program.